Artist Bio


Hannah Rockey

Hannah Rockey is unabashed and graced with a powerful spirit. She wears her heart on her sleeve and brings into the open all the things that we don’t talk about but wish someone would.

Her act is based on real life experiences. She makes comical all the absurd things as we find ourselves in this stressful world. She has the ability to disarm audiences with her personal truth and surprise them with her childlike freedom. With a strong background in improvisation., she is never afraid to seize the moment leaving the audience feeling that the show was made just for them.

Hannah has worked with Shelley Berman, Carlos Mencia and Larry the Cable Guy among others. She has made a living as a stand up comedian and actor for the past 12 years. She is a regular at the comedy works in Denver and has been on Fox T.V and the Oxygen network. She has been a special guest invitee at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and has won the Miller Lite Comedy Festival Competition at the nationally recognized Comedy Works in Denver. She has held lead roles in fine art conservatories, dozens of films and television commercials. She has performed in over a thousand improv shows and murder mysteries and has portrayed dozens of walk around characters including her favorite, Mae West.

Demonstrating a more serious side, some of her most rewarding work is done when she creates an eclectic array of true to life characters for the Crisis Intervention Center.

Most recently, Hannah has been lead to create a new character who wrestles with her own thoughts on God, heaven and other spiritual issues. Both poignant and hysterical, one reviewer described the piece as “the evenings tightest and most realized piece of theater.”ompany, an in depth organization training police to work with mentally ill persons in crisis. Hannah shares her humor as well as her intense first hand knowledge of darker experiences with teens, pregnancy centers, hospitals and anywhere people are in need of looking at life afresh. Can you combine the traumatic with the comical? Life does. What better person to make laugh than one who is hurting?

As well as performing solo, she also performs with her adored husband and stand-up comedy mentor Jeff Harms. Together, their stand-up sketches and improv make for a fun interactive spontaneous experience.

Hannah has performed her comedy and sketches in many environments from Las Vegas Comedy Clubs to churches, birthday parties to mental hospitals, Lock down facilities to elite corporation.

No matter her audience, her message is clear, we are each valuable and it is our God given right to experience joy. Hannah makes it easy to let down your hair, let down your defenses and laugh